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Hiking tours

Bison Route
The trip /4,3 km/ should start from the RYBAK HOTEL, at the eastern edge of the promenade at the foot of Kawcza Mountain and follow the signs of the red route so as to reach the peak /0.7 km/. Then, following the black route go to the road Międzyzdroje – Dziwnów. Going left /100 m/ you will find the parking Kwasowo /2.8 km/ and still you will have to follow the black route /0.8 km/. Then you should turn left on the green route /4.3 km/. Return to the center of Międzyzdroje – green route.

Kawcza Mountain 61 m above sea level
A walk on Kawcza Mountain can be started from the pier. Then, following the promenade or sandy beach go to the east, toward the visible, seaside hills. In front of Kawcza Mountain there are high „skyscrapers” such as RYBAK and VESTINA /formerly Merlin/. There is a gate made of wooden beams that leads to the hill. Then, you should follow the red route, which goes closely to the brink of the high escarpment. Along the route there are numerous benches, wooden shelters and beauty spots. Growing trees often have more than 200 years. Following the black route you can get from Kawcza Mountain to Międzyzdroje.

Gosań beauty spot 93 m above the sea level
3.3 km from Międzyzdroje, by road, suggested cycling tour.

Amber Coast
Walks on the coastal beach are pleasant at any time of year. It is worth taking a little journey not only for health reasons. Raging waves of the Baltic Sea throw large amounts of amber on the shore.

Golf course in Kołczewo
In Kołczewo, at the road Międzyzdroje – Dziwnów; it belongs to the Amber Baltic Hotel, designed by Hans Georg Erhardt – the famous landscape architect, the creator of the golf course at the Egyptian pyramids.

In 967 Mieszko I incorporated Wolin into Poland. The city became the first maritime port of the Piast dynasty. In 1277 Wolin received city rights. VIKINGS DAYS – every year in July it is worth visiting the modern town of Wolin and going back to the mythical world of Vikings. You can see replicas of old boats sailing on the Dziwna river, hear the echoes of ancient music, see the crafts from the distant times and enjoy the specialities of the ancient cuisine.

Blue Route
The route starts from the Szczecin Lagoon at the gate of the Wolin National park in Międzyzdroje. It goes through: Lubin and the Mokrzyckie Mountains to Wolin /33 km/. There, it crosses the Dziwna river and goes further to Dziwnówka /75 km/. It is one of the most interesting trails. There are numerous historical, natural and geological attractions such as stands with German weapon V3, great views of the Szczecin Lagoon and the Świna delta as well as the famous Wolin.

Yellow Route
The route leads through the most attractive places of Wolin. Its length is 6.5 km.

Red Route
Length 54 km: Świnoujście - Warszów – Ognica – Przytór – Łunowo – Międzyzdroje – Świętouść – Międzywodzie – Dziwnów. This route on the western side of the island goes through the lowland Przytorski Peninsula that measures 15 km. There are pine forests that cover the island to the Baltic Sea, to the located on the south Szczecin Lagoon. To the east of Międzyzdroje the route leads through the Wolin National Park to the Wisełka River. Then, through Kołczewo to Dziwnówka, where it reaches the mainland.

Green Route

The beginning of the route called “forest” is located at the gate of the Wolin National Park in Międzyzdroje. It leads through the forests of Międzyzdroje to Świętouść. It goes through the postglacial lakes forming the Wolin Lake District. The total length of the route is 19 km and it is as follows: Międzyzdroje – Bison Reserve – Warnowo – Czajcze Lake – Żołwino – Kołczewo – Świętouść.

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